Judge Symons calls off reelection bid, announces retirement
November 6, 2019 Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Santa Cruz Superior Court Judge Ariadne Symons was caught fixing her own red light ticket. She knew she was driving the car. She knew she was filing false information.

Cowardice does not require a formal conspiracy to be effective. The most out of fear of outcome dismissed story by far in Santa Cruz is the continued accountability-evasive non-retractions of the Endorsements for Symons 2020 Re-election. Let them publicly justify themselves.

Mike Rotkin, Neal Coonerty and obfuscation opportunist ringleader Fred Keeley have been covering-up abuse of power for political favor since ’95, even ’87!

Prominent (and I quote, “Don’t you think I read the fucking thing?”) Symons deflector Fred Keeley has been blocking truth and peddling obfuscation since he was Chair of the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors in 1995 and made his go along to get along expediency to power career-building decision to cover-up local application of values abuse of power for political favor

Symons is censured by the California Commission on Judicial Performance. A post-censure “Statement of Support for Judge Symons” audaciously says, “She is a person with impeccable ethics and always places service above self,” and is signed by Santa Cruz County Supervisors Bruce McPherson, Greg Caput and Ryan Coonerty, Santa Cruz Mayor Martine Watkins and Councilmember Cynthia Mathews and many others.
All claims of “no jurisdiction” are made moot by this document.


“The Double-Plaque Cover-Up of the Santa Cruz County D.A.” v.84, 9-4-17

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